Video games are increasingly becoming an important field of research. People of all ages are directly or indirectly influenced by them by gaming on their smartphones or buying them for their children. The library of video games has become large enough that they are now considered a reflection of today's culture. Not only are they telling narratives and illustrating messages but gaming is now a booming industry, with billions of dollars in revenue. In order to research the impact of the video game medium we have investigated multiple topics such as their history and legislation, their social effects and the lifestyle associated with them. As this is already a digital medium much of our data has come from online resources, although some of our research has come from reference books, in order to understand the scope of the topic.

We have categorized our items into three general collections: history, game studies, and policy. History pertains to the development of both handheld and desktop consoles, the growth of the video games industry and the general improvement of technology. Game studies focuses on the cultural and sociological aspects of gaming, including gender and race studies, demographics and the psychological impact on video gamers. Policy entails the rating system, controversy surrounding video games and censorship.


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Gender and Race Studies Social Effects of Video Games Video Game Censorship Video Game Industry Video Game History Video Game Lifestyle


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Map: Top Consumers and Producers of Video Games by Country Timeline: Tracking Video Game Platforms Through the Years Graph: Console Wars


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