Lessons, Tutorials and Student Projects

Johanna Drucker, Professor, Information Studies and Design & Media Arts (UCLA)

David Kim, Ph.D. Candidate, Information Studies (UCLA)

Iman Salehian, Undergraduate, English & Digital Humanities (UCLA)

Anthony Bushong, Undergraduate, Political Science (UCLA)

Advanced Topics

Eliane Sullivan, Assistant Professor, History (UC-Santa Cruz)

Special Thanks to UCLA Center for Digital Humanities:

Annelie Rugg (CIO) and John Lynch (Instructional Technology Coordinator) for financial and administrative support; research & Instruction Technology Consultants (RITC), P.J. Emery, Dawn Frantini and Michael Samojik, for helpful feedback and Jon Tancinco (Systems Engineer, CDH).

Thanks to Zoe Borovsky (YRL, Librarian for Digital Research & Scholarship).

Also thanks to Miriam Posner (DH Program Coordinator and Faculty) for consultation and the permission to use their materials.

And finally, thanks Hector Lopez (Web Services Manager, Information Studies) for technical support.

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